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Working Onsite

Yesterday I had the privilege of working onsite with a client. About a year ago, I began to notice that I was feeling a little understimulated socially. Then the world shut down.

Now that people are getting together once again, I would like to engage more socially with the MinistryPlatform community, especially the folks who are local to me that I can visit in person.

I enjoyed being in an office with actual people, and I enjoyed discussing real ministry efforts and being able to be a part of that. It was nice to feel like I was contributing to something tangible. A lot of times, I'm at home programming or creating views, but I'm disconnected from what is actually being accomplished at the church.

I enjoyed having a little more structure, getting away from home for a bit. I liked being able to talk about MinistryPlatform related topics with someone who is in that world. We were able to enlighten each other on topics that previously only one of us knew about.

Overall, it was a fun day for me and I hope for more of it.


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