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The Power of Intent

When things in life happen, we have a tendency to add stories, like explaining why something happened. This habit keeps us stuck in the past. Setting intentions, on the other hand, keeps us focused on the future, and can impact the ultimate course of events.

I don't make new years resolutions, but I did spend some time setting my intentions for the year. One of my core life intentions, which I apply to clients as much as to anyone, is to add value to people.

When you add value to someone, whether it be through coaching, education, psychotherapy, or any number of avenues, the other person expands and then has increased potential - both for him/herself and the people he/she comes into contact with.

Some of the most rewarding work I do is teaching others. I've been an academic tutor for many years, and in my current role, I teach others SQL, reporting services, how to get data out of MinistryPlatform, etc. It is rewarding to see clients learn and grow and get excited about what they can accomplish with their newfound knowledge.

What are your intentions?


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