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Spiritual Awakening

Each time there has been an advance in telecommunications, for example the introduction of the printing press, there has been a spiritual reformation on the planet. In this new age of the internet and digital discipleship, people all over the planet are experiencing a spiritual awakening.

I first heard the gospel in the fall of 2005 when a classmate in graduate school befriended me and invited me to church for the first time. Side note: I grew up in the Catholic church but never heard the gospel or anything that resonated with me on a spiritual level, so after leaving home for college and prior to 2005, I had no involvement in church.

Between that time and the present, I observe that the entire trajectory of my life shifted in a major way. I was headed towards death and destruction in my lifestyle and social circle. My life shifted to more of an upwards spiral and I found healthy friendships and the love of my life, my soulmate and now husband. I developed healthy practices in my life.

Several years ago, I was going through a period of intense anxiety and depression and crying out to God for deliverance. I "found" meditation via an app called Headspace. I began a daily practice of meditation and experienced a spiritual awakening.

What is a spiritual awakening? Spiritual awakening is letting go of the ego so that a higher self, also called a Holy Spirit self, or the divine presence within can arise.

For me, this means that I realized that taking care of myself and prioritizing self-care is not selfish. I realized I had a spiritual ego that finally let go (i.e. a dualistic mindset of "Christian" vs. "non-Christian"). I became a lot more loving and kind, versus being nice out of a sense of duty. I began to see a lot of unhealthiness within the church. I began living my life by intuition and following my excitement versus what I thought I "should" do. I stopped resisting my emotions and allowed myself to feel fully.

As a result, my empathy and compassion for all of creation is off the charts. I live present to the moment and no longer resist "what is." I gave up trying to be a "good person," which I had been subconsciously doing, especially since coming to faith and working at a church.

We are living in a new era of possibility, where we can live fully and freely as the unique beings we were created to be.


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