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Portal Skin Customization

Do you want to change the look and feel of your portal?  You can do so by editing your portal skin.  
Visual Studio Code is a wonderful free piece of software to use, or you can use Notepad++.

First, navigate to your portal admin page to see which skin is being used by default.

Then, navigate to your portal skin folder and make a copy of your default skin.  In the example below, the folder portal2021 is a copy of portal2018.

portal skin folder.jpg

Rename the HTML file in your new portal skin folder to match the name of the folder.

rename html file.jpg

Inside the css folder, create a custom CSS file.  Case matters with CSS.

create custom css file.jpg

Add a reference to your custom CSS file to the HTML file for your portal skin.

add reference to custom css file 2.jpg
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