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You're Invited to Christmas Brunch - 01/09/2021 5:00 PM - 45623


Subject: You're Invited to Christmas Brunch

Sent: 01/09/2021 05:00 PM

From: McGuire, John

Total Recipients:   210

Ready to Send:   0 (0.0 %)

Sent:   2 (1.0%)

Delivered:   47 (22.4%)

Opened:   86 (50.0%)

Clicked:   62 (29.5%)

Bounced:   11 (5.2%)

Error:   2 (1.0%)

Opened + Clicked:   148 (70.4%)

donut 4.jpg
clicks chart.jpg


  • Add Communication ID to the top

  • Use a more modern font like Lato

  • File tabs vs. buttons at the top

  • Aesthetic color scheme; I can get you the hex values if you need them

  • Tighten up the aesthetics overall

  • Maybe still keep the colored buttons and border based on what is clicked but match new color scheme

  • Use square corners, more modern

  • Use the action statuses that are used in MP

  • Use a table instead of a summary in the metrics section (I wasn't able to create a table using this software)

  • Donut versus pie chart is more modern

  • More meaningful SendGrid error text

  • Replace commas with parentheses

  • Decimal only to the tenths vs. hundredths

  • Vertical bar chart vs. horizontal

  • Friendly name for clicks

  • Tooltip includes URL, count, and percentage

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