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Data Quality

There are a number of data quality views that someone should regularly use to clean up data.  This list is not exhaustive, but using these views will go a long way in keeping your data tidy.  

You may not have all of these views on your system; feel free to contact me and I will be happy to share examples.

Assign a user to the Data Quality Team user group so that he/she can access these views.

Contacts Page

Combine Contacts Tool

This is not a view, but someone should clean up duplicates regularly using this tool.

Fix: Make Head

These individuals are over 18 years old, are the oldest member of their household and that household is without head of house.  Use the Assign button to mass assign household position.

Fix: Make Adult Child

These individuals are over 18 years old and are listed as minor children and have a contact status of active.  Use the Assign button to mass assign household position.

Fix: Mismatched People

Shows 6 types of mismatches: 1-3) The Participant, Donor, or User is not referring back to this Contact, 4-6) There are more than one Participant, Donor, or User record referring to this Contact.  Go into each record and unassign or reassign one of these connections.

Fix: Same Email No Relationship

These contacts have the same email, but do not have a relationship to one another.   They could be duplicates, family members, or be unrelated.  Combine contacts, combine households, remove the email address, or add a contact relationship to connect them.

Fix: Adult Child Move to New HH

Adult children who have an active contact status and are over a certain age.  Create a new household record and move the adult child to it.

Households Page

Fix: Too Many Heads

Households should have no more than 2 heads. Correct as needed.

Participants Page

Fix: Add Participant End Date

These individuals do not have a participant end date but do not have an active contact status.   Either add an end date or change the contact status.

Events Page

Fix: Assign Participant

These events have one or more registrants not yet matched to Participant records.  Use the Assign Participants tool to match or create new records.

Group Participants Page

Fix: Past Group End Date

The group has been end-dated and there is no group participant end date listed.  

Fix: End Date Needed

The person is a current group participant but the contact status is inactive or deceased.

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